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DEXISDiscus NV & SLR Laser invisalign



It is with great pleasure that Dr. Jeffrey H. Tenser & staff are pleased to announce the recent improvement to his dental practice with the purchase of new dental equipment. The new high-tech equipment will help improve the service and treatment of dental care received in Dr. Tenser’s office. The Dexis digital x-ray system allows Dr. Jeffrey H. Tenser to reduce the dose of radiation when X-rays are taken while helping to preserve the environment. The x-rays take minimal radiation when compared to conventional x-rays and do not require any chemicals or film to develop. Recently installed new computers in each operatory allows Dr. Jeffrey H. Tenser to show patients immediately their X-rays and he can more easily explain the results. The newly installed Sirona Digital Panorex allows Dr. Jeffrey H. Tenser to take a Panorex x-ray which shows in one x-ray all the patient’s teeth, the surrounding bone as well as the TMJ (Tempora Mandibular Joint) for patients with joint problems. Through the internet, these x-rays can be sent instantaneously to any other dentist/specialist when further treatment is required. The new Discuss NV Laser allows Dr. Tenser to provide the following services:

  • Reshaping a gummy smile
  • Gum disease therapy
  • Easing tongue & cheek attachments ( i.e. tongue ties)
  • Treat cold & canker sores

Dr. Jeffrey H. Tenser & his staff looks forward to seeing his current patients as well as any new patients who decide to visit his office for more advanced dental care.